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Gala: Artist in residence at WAM Festival

Gala is artist in residence at this years WAM festival in Faenza, Italy. There she will be creating a new work Regesture Study based on her experiences meeting and interviewing residents of Faenza which will then be translated into performance. The final work will be performed on Saturday the 4th of July at 21:00 with an original music score by Matthieu Vergez.


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About Regesture Study

This solo explores the themes of community, human movement and manifestation.  The artist, Gala Moody, is interested in performance art and the point where the daily movement becomes dance, art or performance. Gala will conduct a series of spontaneous interviews with residents of Faenza, in their homes opening a dialogue with them about themselves and their lives, and focusing on the themes of human movement. This mutual exchange will be the ‘fabric’ of his performance. In this way, Gala will be the curator of their movements, that will then be used in performance. These movements and gestures, which have deep roots in their cultural traditions, are distilled, and acted in a certain time and place, through the artist’s body. In this way the performance will be some sort of ceremony ritual that exists within the range of performance, and the cultural and artistic exchange directly between herself and the people of Faenza.

“I think that now more than ever we must strive to be a part of overcoming cultural barriers to the outside, and at the same time to go even deeper within ourselves and overcome its internal barriers. When we go beyond the boundaries of our knowledge and understanding, we can live beyond the dictates of our present world.”   – Gala Moody.