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Workplaces Of Care

Re-Imagining the Cultural Entrepreneur

A OFEN Co-Arts course proposition for university students

Content – How do we bring care into the industry?

Context – Re-imagining the workplace


Each session will involve designated time for 

Proposing, performance tasks

Discussion, reading, writing and group discussion 

Mentoring, written and verbal feedback 

Objectives and Accomplishments

Workplaces of Care : Re-Imagining the Cultural Entrepreneur

Please refer to session outline below

Topics for discussion

  • Re-thinking artistic practice outside the square
  • Arts economy built around human needs
  • Power vs leadership
  • Considering precarity and differentiated vulnerability within intersectional groups
  • Peer support replacing competition

Contemplating work by Whistle While You Work and Engagement and international equivalents

Group task as manifesto and singular artistic statements

Performing for Freedom – elevating the pressure of product in order to access creativity and presence

  • Tasks to access creativity
  • Reframing feedback with care practice
  • Watching, listening and critical engagement

Course session outline

  • Module 1:

    Introductions and Getting to Know Each Other

  • Module 2:

    Practicing Care and Levelling Hierarchy-Feedback, Support and Universal Access

  • Module 3:

    Re-Thinking Artistic Practice

  • Module 4:

    Non Capitalist Processes

  • Module 5:

    The Performers Body as an Archive

  • Module 6:

    Speaking Text – Recorded Voice as Communal Reading Alone Together

  • Module 7:

    Developing Boundaries with Working Conditions – Contracts, Payments and Intersectional Quotas

  • Module 8:

    Utopian Visions need Dystopian Models – Leadership, Power and Hard Choices in a Time of Climate Change and Coronavirus

  • Module 9

    Manifesto as Future Guidance

  • Module 10:

    Performing Performativity

  • Module 11:

    Discoveries and Conclusion

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