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At OFEN Co-Arts, we love to work closely with organisations who want to see change in their workplace. Our consulting service is for those who want to tackle certain subjects that might be relevant to their workplace. 

Areas that we consult in are:


We conduct comprehensive assessments to evaluate the current state of well-being within the organisation. This could involve surveys, interviews, and focus groups to gather insights from employees, dancers, instructors, and other stakeholders, and then work to instigate and maintain factors that improve wellbeing. 


We provide leadership training to management and artistic directors to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to support and promote well-being within the organisation. This may involve workshops on effective communication, conflict resolution, empathy-building, and fostering a positive organisational culture.


Safe spaces in dance require specific factors that very few workplaces have. We guide the workplace through elements of consent, communication, safe feedback practices and developing channels for speaking up. 


Dance has a one-size-fits-all work style, which is extremely exclusive. At OFEN, we have researched how dancers and people working in dance or the performing arts can be given the autonomy to work in other ways. It’s considered radical, but our research showed that people become more motivated, interested and connected at work by being given more autonomy to work how they want. 

Context: Online over Zoom. It can be done in person in Belgium or Cologne or within Europe (with added travel expenses).  

Duration: Variable. Contact us to discuss your needs.  

Hourly rate: 160€/ hour 
(If this cost exceeds your budget expectations, reach out to us with a proposal)

What is the difference between our CONSULTANCY service and our ORGANISATIONAL MENTORSHIP service you ask? 

Well, our mentorship works very closely one-on-one with individuals within the organisation to guide them through change. It is characterised by guidance, support, reflection, with a goal of self-determination. Consultancy is much more about education, learning, and advice around one topic, and works with the organisation as a whole. It is characterised by an objective perspective, expertise and guidance, problem solving and solutions.

That said, the two services can be used together! 

Please feel free to book a free information session with us to discuss any that might interest you.