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Creating a Principals Of Practice

Building a safe space for all

Empower your team with our workshop to co-create Principles of Practice, which can be done at the start of any process or project or to bring the group together within a difficult period. In this interactive, one-day session, participants will be taken through the process of developing principles of practice that reflect both individual and group needs. By the end they will understand the standards of behaviour that is expected from themselves and by colleagues, know how to bring attention to problems, and who to speak to. The principles of practice can be signed by all involved and stand as a reference and reminder of the culture of respect, inclusivity, and accountability that is safe for everybody at work. 

This workshop involves the following stages: 

  •         Team’s values
  •         Defining unacceptable behaviours
  •         Expected behaviours in a range of workplace areas
  •         Boundaries and Ethical Guidelines
  •         Health and Wellbeing principles 
  •         Signatures

This can be done in tandem with the following services: Consultancy, Organisational mentorship, Speaking-up Workshops, and Developing Ethical Engagement workshops.

Context: Online over Zoom. It can be done in person in Belgium or Cologne or within Europe (with added travel expenses).  

Duration: 6 hours. 
Note: for workplaces with more than ten people, we recommend doing this workshop over two days.  

Cost: 1280€
(If this cost exceeds your budget expectations, reach out to us with a proposal)

Please feel free to book a a free information session with us to discuss your needs.