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Developing Ethical Engagement

Communication, consent, and feedback

Empower your team with “Developing Ethical Engagement: Creating Safe Workspaces through Communication, Consent, and Feedback.” This workshop is specifically curated for companies looking to foster safe and respectful environments within their workplaces, particularly in dance or performing arts industries.

In this interactive online workshop, participants will explore essential skills such as effective communication strategies, establishing consent frameworks, and providing constructive feedback. Through engaging discussions and practical exercises, your team will gain valuable insights and actionable tools to promote ethical engagement and inclusivity in the workplace.

Our tailored approach ensures relevance to your company’s unique needs and challenges. Whether you’re seeking to enhance internal communication protocols, strengthen team dynamics, or cultivate a culture of mutual respect, this workshop equips your workforce with the skills and knowledge to create safer, more supportive workspaces.

Invest in your company’s growth and well-being by prioritising ethical engagement. Contact us today to schedule a private workshop for your team and take the first step towards building a workplace where every voice is valued, and everyone feels safe to contribute their best.

Context: Online over Zoom. It can be done in person in Belgium and Cologne, or within Europe (with added travel expenses). 

Duration: 6 hours (with breaks)

Cost: 1280€
(If this cost exceeds your budget expectations, reach out to us with a proposal)