…What I find special in their video installation is, that often the dancers work under the choreographer, finding themselves in a position of fitting in frames and supporting the choreographers idea. But in this work the dancers, the humans and their processes are elevated and given space to choose where to go and what to initiate. Both the good and the bad experiences, the highlights and difficulties are seen as relevant. At the same time it is not about reproducing their archives, reliving the experiences they made. It is about being aware of them and then daring to alienate from them, finding new ways of reacting to impulses, following new paths while encountering the unknown.

It is brave, I feel. One of my personal highlights of the festival and so important to be shown…. 

by Annelie Andre, TANZWEB.org, 28. November, 2019

Full review: https://www.tanzweb.org/dance-dare/gala-moody-michael-carter-new-people