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OFEN Mentorships

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Aimed at professional dancers, dance students, artists, directors, teachers, arts managers, arts workers who want support in their work practices. 

Mentorship includes:

2 x 30 minute Zoom consults per month 

Ongoing contact through Whatsapp for any other needs, questions, support (E.g. leave a voice message about a situation you are facing and need support with, or send us a tricky work email to look over etc.)



Aimed at leadership teams of organisations, universities, institutions, companies, collectives, groups and departments.

Organisational mentorships work very closely one-on-one with everyone in the leadership/management of an organisation to guide them through holistic change. It is characterised by guidance, support, reflection, with a goal of self-determination (power related to self-governance and autonomy.)


(If the above cost exceeds your budget expectations, reach out to us with a proposal)

OFEN memberships offer:

  • Mentoring and advice 
  • Advice and moral support
  • Guidance in best practices
  • Pinpointing personal values
  • Problem-solving
  • Looking at the bigger picture
  • Impartial point of view that may help perspectives
  • Discussing challenging work situations 
  • Practical speaking up skills 
  • Reflecting on work practices
  • Setting boundaries 
  • Achieving work/life balance 
  • When and how to speak up 
  • How to balance power dynamics 
  • How to express your needs 
  • How to prioritise well-being 
  • For organisations – educational components are add-ons to membership. 

OFEN memberships do not offer:

  • Psychological therapy
  • A space for venting 
  • Legal advice
  • Mediation or acting as a spokesperson (although this service can be added)

As a mentee, I commit to:

  • Address any issues promptly and directly if my needs are not met at work and in the mentorship. 
  • Challenge the status quo and work to improve it. 
  • Respect the boundaries of others. 
  • Let my mentor know if I need to balance my work/life or take a break. 
  • Be patient because meaningful change takes time. 
  • Be visionary and ambitious in setting goals – maybe what I want/need does not exist yet, but it can be created. 
  • Find joy in the process of this mentorship. 
  • Abide by the decisions and rules we co-create.

Important to know

  • We believe in having a balanced work and life to prevent burnout. If you feel that your work/life is out of balance, you are stressed or you need some time for yourself, you can take a break from other activities. Just write to us and we will respect your needs for however long as you need. You can also pause your membership during this time.

  • We follow clear decisions and a code of conduct to help us achieve our goals. If we fail to do so, we will do a feedback round to find out why. Maybe we need to adjust the parameters to adapt to a new need. 

  • We communicate transparently, even if it is hard to say something in certain situations. If you are unsure, just say it. We will provide a safe space for you to feel free to be authentic. 

  • We aim to make this mentorship fun and joyful.

Safe Space

OFEN aims to create a safe space for all mentees where you feel secure and can fully express yourself. OFEN is an inclusive platform for people of races/ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities or expressions, cultural backgrounds, religious affiliations, ages, and physical or mental abilities.

Steps to signing up

  1. Sign up with billing details

  2. Fill out the form Status quo and Goals

  3. Fill out form Well-being, Culture, and Worldview

  4. Book your first appointment with us

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