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Find out how this Belgium government body deals with complaints about discrimination.

The main task of the Genderkamer is to receive and deal with complaints about discrimination based on gender, sex, gender identity or gender expression and to assist applicants. The Genderkamer is a branch of the Flemish Ombudsman which acts as a human rights protector to combat and prevent any form of discrimination, exclusion, limitation, exploitation or prejudice based on gender, sex, gender identity and gender expression. ⁠ ⁠

As a psychologist, Viktor Van der Veken has gained a lot of experience in practice, both at case and policy level. He has worked on various forms of transgressive behavior including intimidation and bullying. The seriousness of this problem has prompted him to commit himself to decisively tackling cross-border behavior within the culture and media sector. Viktor wants to lower barriers, offer necessary recognition and professional support or a correct referral. He also puts his shoulders to the important task of contributing to changes at policy level.⁠

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