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Speaking Up Script

  1. “When you [said/did]…” – Describing the situation with FACTS
    Example: When the dancers were asked to work overtime to be able to do another run of the work yesterday….

  2. “It made me feel…” – Describing how it made you feel (Emotions: uncomfortable, disappointed, frustrated, overwhelmed, worried… etc.)
    Example: It made me feel disrespected, disappointed and overwhelmed. 

  3. “Would you consider my need____?” – Describing how you want to be treated  (Values: fairness, equality, safety etc.)
    Example: Would you consider my need to feel secure that my employer understands and respects my need for rest and work-life balance?

  4. “This is important because dancers are [systemically undervalued/underpaid, face job insecurity etc.]…Describing the socio-cultural reason for change/Industry improvement).
    Example: In the dance industry, we are expected to give 100% to our work, which is highly problematic, as it means we are expected to neglect our needs for physical and emotional rest, as well as attend to our other responsibilities outside work.