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OFEN Co-Arts Platform workshops

OFEN Co-Arts Platform researches new ways of working, fair and ethical leadership, health based decision making, and speaking up to power. OFEN offers workshops in the following areas:

Utopian workplaces

  • Turning your workplace into a utopian space
  • Developing a flexible mindset about change
  • Empowering a workplace through democratic decision making
  • Redistributing power 
  • Creating flexible workplaces which adapt to people’s needs
  • Developing goals in sustainability, diversity and inclusion

How to practise ethical art-making

  • Giving feedback
  • Lowering the hierarchy
  • Prioritising well-being, sustainability, and inclusion
  • Creating empowerment from the bottom up
  • Cultural safety

Speaking up

  • Ways to speak up in problematic situations
  • Thinking critically about how a problem relates to wider industry issues
  • Self empowerment from a social justice perspective through transparency and speaking up