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Workplace Analysis

At OFEN Co-Arts, we understand the unique challenges that organisations within the performing arts industry face. Ongoing interpersonal and structural issues can hinder productivity and morale, leading to inefficiencies that impact the overall success of your organisation and the company’s well-being. That’s why we offer our expert Workplace Analysis service, designed to uncover the root causes of these difficulties and provide actionable insights for improvement.

We do this by:

  1. Identifying Core Problems – Our Workplace Analysis goes beyond surface-level observations to delve deep into the heart of your organisation. Through a combination of comprehensive assessments and in-depth interviews, we pinpoint the core problems that may be contributing to workplace challenges.

  2. Thorough Analysis – Once we’ve identified the root causes, our team conducts a thorough analysis to provide you with meaningful insights and recommendations.

  3. Recommendations – Well-being at work is something many people in the arts struggle with, and implementing change is difficult because it takes new ways of working outside the status quo to work in ways that actually benefit all involved. We can introduce you to these concepts and recommend certain actions or guide you further if you want to work with us more.

  4. Guiding implementation – The next phase is implementing recommendations, which can be done through an “OFEN organisation mentorship” or booking individual workshops.

Context: Online over Zoom. Can be done in person in Belgium or Cologne, or within Europe (with added travel expenses).  

Duration: Variable. Contact us to discuss your needs.  

Hourly rate: 160€/ hour 
(If this cost exceeds your budget expectations, reach out to us with a proposal)

Please feel free to book a a free information session with us to discuss your needs.