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Discussion group: Dealing with disappointment

Disappointment is part of everyday life, whether it is hearing constant “no’s”, not getting the funding to make work, or not having your expectations being met, but how can we reframe disappointment in a way that protects our wellbeing and allows us to keep going.
Join us this Thursday at 18h CET for a discussion around this topic, the first of four upcoming sessions.
We organise these meeting as we see a need for discussions around unspoken subjects in the arts, we do not record these zooms in order to respect the privacy of those taking part.
We do acknowledge we are contributing unpaid labour, but we are happy to, also that we are not experts and come to these topics from the perspective of dancers who are interested in social justice.

Everyone welcome! (Safe space for trans/non-binary people, please message us if you have specific access requirements)
Free, primarily in English

ZOOM link:
Meeting ID: 812 6909 3390

Image: Cat flap in a glass door, a bulldog has its head through the cat flap, it appears to be wanting to go outside. One large tooth juts over the top lip giving it a disappointed look. Black text on the image say OFEN Co-Arts Platform discussion group. Pink text underneath it says; 1. How to deal with disappointment. Underneath is a zoom ID: 81269093390 and the date: Thursday 28th October 18:00 to 19:30 CET. Please say if you have access requirements.

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