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New People 1.0 – Official selection of First-Time Filmmaker Sessions

OFEN Co-Art Platform’s 2019 film New People 1.0 about choreographing as social practise has been accepted as part as the official selection of First-Time Filmmaker Sessions (March 2021). It will be screened for a week (22-29 March 2021) on Vimeo On Demand where it will compete for Best Film.

First-Time Filmmaker Sessions is part of The Lift-Off Sessions and is an online showcase, dedicated to bringing new audiences to the indie film market, ending with an annual live screening of the winning films from our home at Pinewood Studios in the UK.

For €12,60 you have 7 day access to 48 feature length films from all different genres and gives you the chance to vote New People 1.0 as Best Film. Click here for more info.

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