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Who gets an opportunity

In the past year we’ve all questioned much of our life, how we work and what is important to us. We’ve learnt the importance of well-being and how our work needs to support, and not detract, from this importance. After so much change in the last year, and as we transition into a (hopefully) post-pandemic world, it’s understandable that people in positions of power are scared of the future. This fear is not exclusive only to people in power, and a lot of us wondering what the future will offer. This is an opportunity to all of us to create the sort of future that we want, and not just what we will put up with. This takes courage, especially from leaders and people in power in power, to not fall back into business-as-usual and this-is-what-has-always-worked mentality and to actively make changes which benefit the well-being of people and reflect the social needs of the community. This can also mean handing over power to a new generation of leaders who might think, look and act differently to what we are used to. It’s only through this sort of change, and people advocating for the change they want, that we will achieve the progress we want. If you are person with power, maybe think about how you use that power and who you share it with.


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